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Pay less than the cost of hiring an agency and build a beautiful, fast website yourself.

Professional, custom WordPress websites can be costly. If you are working in education, for a smaller company, a non-profit, or for yourself, hiring an agency to design your website may not be an affordable option for you. Learn why taking our WordPress course can be profitable for your business or organization.

Course Information

5.00 (32)

WordPress Web Design

Learn how to design custom WordPress websites in just a few weeks.

Upcoming Course Dates and Times

Nov. 7th – 18th: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 2:30pm (2-week crash course)

Jan. 16th – Feb. 16th: Monday & Thursday, 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Mar. 20th – Apr. 20th: Monday & Thursday, 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Also included are 30 minutes of before or after-class office hours per day.

In our live online 60-hour course, you will learn how to create an attractive and user-friendly website using WordPress.org and GeneratePress. We will do a deep dive into theme customization, UX/UI design, plugins, contact forms, styling with CSS, performance and SEO optimization. By the end of the course, you will have built a complete, fully functional website that you can utilize for your own personal or business use, and you will have learned the skills required to continue maintaining your website and/or to design websites for clients.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of the website you’ll be designing in class (that will be yours to restyle and repurpose for your own business!)

WordPress Class Curriculum – Two Week / 60 hour / 10 Day Course

On the first day of class, we will dive into the world of WordPress.org and the Generate Press theme. You’ll be given a hosted staging environment to start your work. Topics will include how to begin the web design process with wireframing, UX/UI design, and Figma prototypes. You’ll be using the WordPress Customizer to set your website style guide, typography, and color choices, and we’ll talk about the importance of headline tags for SEO. By the end of the day, you’ll have the framework in place to start building your website.

You will practice using containers to create a home page layout. You will be working on menus and navigation, adding photographs and images to your website, and learning how to use global blocks, assets, elements, and non-standard global styles.

You will install plugins needed for your website and use them to enhance your content areas—including photo galleries, hero image slide shows, social media icons, and back-end performance plugins. You’ll be learning plugin do’s and don’ts and best practices for performance.

You will be creating a blog for your website and learning how to customize the reading settings, tags, categories, sidebar widgets, comments, change logs, excerpts, and featured images. You will also be learning how to create a unique blog page layout using Elements (a Generate Press Premium feature) and other styling features.

You will learn how to add a MailChimp newsletter signup to the home page, and how to use CSS to style the html form. We’ll talk about best ways to incorporate email marketing and CRM programs. You’ll also be learning about forms and creating a contact form. There will be time left to finish up the layout and design of the home page, contact us, and blog pages.

You will focus on designing additional content pages for the website, including informational (Service, Product) pages, About, and we’ll be creating a subnav with additional types of pages and links.

You will learn how to embed video, and how to enhance your website with animations and special effects. You will be adding special effects to the pages you have built.

You will learn how to adjust your website layout for mobile and tablet. You will be troubleshooting layout issues that might occur as you move from the desktop view to mobile and tablet. We will be discussing mobile-first / responsive web design best practices.

You will focus on how to optimize your website with SEO best practices so that it can be found in a Google search, and learn how to adjust settings using RankMath, our preferred SEO plugin. You will also learn about connecting your site to Google Analytics for reporting and website metrics. The rest of the day will be spent putting the finishing touches on your website!

On the last day of class, we will be learning how to optimize your website for performance and speed. We will talk about website hosting options, SSL Certs, Forcing HTTPS, A Records and CNAMES. We will discuss ways to stage websites for clients as well as hosting options. The day will be open for any final questions. We’ll celebrate all you have learned and accomplished over the past two weeks at the end of class and you’ll have earned your certificate of completion!

How to Start Preparing for Class After Enrollment

Login to the student portal and read through the course materials. Join the class chat in our messaging app, and introduce yourself!

Connect with your instructors and classmates on LinkedIn.

Make sure you have the latest version Zoom and Google Chrome installed on your computer.

Clear your schedule and be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and have fun!

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November 2022 Cohort

11/7 – 11 /18 – Mon – Fri
Before 10/15/2022 – $2,399
Before 11/6/2022 – $2,799
Day of Class – $3,499

January and March 2023 Cohorts

Mon & Thurs Evenings

Before 12/30/2022 – $1,799
Before 1/16/2023 – $2,399
Day of Class – $2,799

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